I am a night owl. I enjoy the peace and quiet provided by darkness. I cherish the moments spent with my girlfriend, before we go to sleep. Whenever I have trouble stepping into the world of dreams, I just think about a random subject…untill my eyes close. This is an article for The Daily Prompt.


„My life is a total chaos”

This is quite a bold statement, isn’t it? When people use such words, it means that they really find themselves in a very difficult situation, or their problems have reached a dangerous level. Now let’s think about this concept for a second: How would you react upon hearing this phrase, coming from the mouth of a young and healthy teenager? Hmmm…I am sure that you would notice an obvious difference.

I know that you probably read dozens of articles and stories about this subject, but today…I have decided to express my own point of view. I am aware of the fact that we encounter this kind of behaviour all over the world, and it has become almost as a social plague (It might not have the same pshysical symptoms, but it surely does include the same rate of contagion). Nevertheless, I am willing to write about it…so let’s see what does my mind have to say…

Whenever I hear a young person expressing these words, my brain automatically sends me the following two messages:

1. This child really needs a strong slap on his/her face…you know…just to wake him/her the hell up.

2. This person has never gone through the hard trials of the quest known as „living your life”.

If I put myself in the shoes of a „modern teenager”, I am able to quickly identify the main problem: lack of education. This is the main duty of a parent, but many adults manage to somehow leave behind such an important detail, which will always turn out to be very crucial for their children. It is easier to buy a new iPhone for your child, just to make him happy. It is much more convenient to satisfy a superficial need, in order to make sure that your own child gives a rat’s ass about you. But what does this result into? The anwer is very simple: That kid will never experience the satisfaction of a personal achievement.

I am not saying that parents should let their children live on their own for a year, just to make them understand how life really works…(even if this method turns out to be the best solution that I could think of right now). The only thing that they have to do is to implement a gradual exposure. This simply means that a teenager should get his/her ass off the couch and start making things happen. Do you want an iPad, expensive clothes or a new car? Then get a job and pay for all those things! Do your friends think that you are a loser, just because you started to work in a shitty place? To hell with them! As soon as you get your monthly paycheck, then you can imediately purchase something for yourself…and besides that, you will have learned a new skill…even if that referres to just simply waiting tables. You have to start from a low stand, in order to appreciate what you have. It makes an important part of who you are…and of your ability to handle life by yourself. You always have to give something, in order to receive the things which you wish for…especially in our days.

Just try to give some advice or express your own opinion to some of these teenagers, and you will always encounter a high level of hostility. Even if you offer an advice to a friend, he might think that you only want to harm him/her, and will act as if you were pure evil. They always prefer to share their problems within the virtual world of the Internet. They know that such a place will keep them away from any real life confrontation. What could someone on the Internet do to them? Caps-Lock them to death with some comments? It is easier to avoid your problems on-line, than to start making some changes in your own life.

My parents always gave me the opportunity to learn new things. I know how to cook, to wash, to iron or to clean the entire house. They encouraged me to step into the real life and earn my own money. This kind of impulse helped me develop my basic life skills and offered me the possibility to upgrade myself as a human being. I know that I must never give up and no matter how hard my situation might get, I can always reach the shore of happiness.

Some of these spoiled brats (who can be encountered in our present days), will manage to reach a high professional position…all thanks to their mommy and daddy. It has nothing to do with their skills or traits. They did not reach such a high rank all by themselves. Now think about this: how would they treat other people? It is much easier to be an asshole, than to motivate and stimulate your employees. It is much more convienent to place yourself on a higher ground, than to listen and help the people around you. As you can see…this behaviour will also transfer into the adult life of these spoiled children.

If I think harder, I can also identify some of these corrupted traits among the failed relationships between men and women. Besides the lack of compatibility and different common purposes, one of th two will always assume that it is hard to satisfy the needs of the other. It is difficult to give, in order to receive something in return. The balance of a relationship is based upon equal participation, so if one of the partners has a spoiled-brat mentality, it simply means that every interaction will be doomed from the start. On the other hand…if a girl arrives to suffer from a delusion caused by a douchebag, then she should learn from that mistake and raise her standards, when it comes to men. I know that break-ups might be hard…but you should just get the hell over it! Stop posting drama on Facebook, and get yourself together! Become an individual!

The general conclusion of my thinking stream is that, at some point, every person should be given the chance to experience life…without the help of their parents. This method will always turn out to be useful. This is an efficient way to avoid having a society full of selfish people, ready to step on others…just to satisfy their own superficial pleasures.


Who knows? Maybe, at some point in the future, your adult life will turn into „a total chaos”, but if you already know how to handle a difficult situation, then you can always restore the balance and restart your Vibe.


7 gânduri despre “Condescending

  1. Articol de iramat ! Suna ca si cum noi am fi imbatranit. Dar nu-i decat lumea care a luat-o razna…. Engleza ta e foarte buna…..As vrea niste lectii 😛

    1. Intr-adevar: lumea a luat-o razna de tot. Important este ca noi sa ne pastram sanatatea mintala.
      Ofer si lectii de Engleza, but they are not for free 🙂
      PS: bine ai revenit pe WP 😀

      1. Not for free, suna mai cu avant. Ca poate asa ma motivez….desi sunt campioana la „pierdut” banii 🙂

      2. Fiecare isi gaseste motivatia in lucruri diferite 🙂
        Banii nu sunt pierduti atunci cand ii folosesti pentru a-ti imbunatati mintea 😀

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