Myriam wrote a lovely article about relationships (which can be found here), and for this reason I have decided to express my own view on this subject. Since she offered me an interesting challenge, I will give her an insight from the mind of a man…so…let the Vibe begin:

There are certain principles, which can be applied to every single relationship, but in the end…every couple is unique, and the future of their bond will always depend on their needs or expectations. The tricky part consists in finding a common ground, or a fertile mentality, on which the two of them can build a healthy and stable connection. Some people might only pretend a one-night-stand, or casual sex, or a platonic bond, or even a lifetime experience…but only few of them actually have the audacity to pursue their cause. In order to succeed, each of them must find a person who shares the same pattern of thinking. If they are lucky enough to encounter him/her, only then will they be able to experience a rewarding and lasting relationship. This is the secret of a successful couple.

I wrote an article about Finding Ms. Right and, since that day, I have decied to follow my own instinct…no matter what.

After a short period of time…I have found her.

We both felt a special spark, and when we met for the first time, we simply knew that we were right for each other. It didn’t take us long to realise that we shared the same Vibe, and for this reason, we have deicided to start a wonderful journey together.

I wanted a woman who could understand and accept me for who I am. She is able to achieve that. I needed a partner who could share not only happy moments, but also difficult situations with me. She is willing to do that.  I wanted to love, to trust and to respect her. She deserves all of that. We both needed this kind of relationship, and thus we agreed upon behaving as natural as possible. We always use the power of communication, in order to know each other better. Every single day, I can discover new details and interesting facts about her personality.  Her smile, her look, her voice, her movements, the things she says or the way she behaves…all of these elements offer me a new opportunity to get to know her even better. Some of you might think that, at some point, you can arrive to fully understand and discover you partner. This is a false assumption. People change, and they must continuously do that…especially when they are in a relationship. I want to evolve and improve beside her. I want to change and help her find a better version of herself. This represents one of the highest benefits of our relationship.

People feel intimidated and objects begin to meltevery time we start to kiss. I taste every inch of her skin and I enjoy every touch of her lips. I feel her wonderful curves and my hands always want to explore every single shape of her body. I want to feel her shiver, while I hold her in my arms. But…at the same time, I am able to cherish her….not only as a woman, but also as a human being. We enjoy every single moment together, and we will make sure that this feeling shall prevail during our relationship. This is our chance, and we will make the best of it.

Some people might try to question our interaction. We could sometimes arrive to a fight, or we could have a strong disagreement about something…but…no matter what happens…we both know this important detail: our Vibe is always active, and no matter how angry we could get…at the end of the day…we deeply care about each other.


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