„I’m thinking about you”

The feminine version of a relationship vibe.

Georgi are blog

That’s what the person nearest to me said when I asked him what he was thinking about, as we were speaking five second ago. That person being my boyfriend. My boyfriend who lives far away. Or, well…not so far away, but still 950 kilometers is not the equivalent of crossing the street.

And still, he warms my heart every time he looks at me and I just know, by looking at him, that in that split second all I can see in his eyes is myself. Some people tend to forget about the small details when they are in a relationship, some just rush in and then rush out as fast as they rushed in and never really get to know the person they were in a relationship with. I was stunned when I heard one of my room-mates saying that even though she was for almost two months…

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