„The Trance of Romance”

By the time we made it to the bedroom, half of our clothes were already gone. A trail of shoes and jeans and small things, tailed away behind us, like sinful little objects. I could see her eyes glowing as I joined in her nakedness. I began running my hands across her legs and flanks, marveling at her smoothness – tasting her wonderful curves. 

I teased her skin and made her shiver, rolling my hands across her breasts and over her shoulders, tracing the moist curves of her neck. I needed to drink her in with a sudden hunger that was almost out of control.

Sliding up her gasping body, our eyes leveled, as I admired her beauty in the sublte leaking light, from the near living room.

“…I can’t stand it any more. I need to taste every square inch of you…” 

Kissing her neck and then further down the length of her torso, it was as if I were starved to the point of delirium. She responded with a strangled moan, unleashing her pure desire.

Our thoughts simply vanished, as our minds and bodies entered the realm of infinite pleasure.


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