„One lovely blog award” Nomination


I was happy and surprised, when I discovered that „Mind Vibes” has been nominated for this award. When I first started my blog, I didn’t expect to receive such a warming welcome from this community. Now I know that my words really matter, and I will continue this wonderful adventure, with all of you by my side.

The first rule includes my thanks and appreciation for Mademoiselle Petit, the person who was kind enough to send me this nomination. Thank you again for this opportunity, Mademoiselle!

The second rule will have me reveal some secrets about myself. I always like to keep that exciting dose of mystery, therefore I will only reveal five out of seven secrets. The rest will be discovered in the future, by my readers. So, let’s see:

  1. I have a passion for theatre and acting.
  2. I haven’t learned how to swim…not yet.
  3. Spicy (very spicy) food is my favorite.
  4. House M.D. is my dearest TV-Show.
  5. I have a secret fantasy about Catwoman.
  6. ….
  7. ….

The third rule gives me the chance to nominate other blogs for this same award. I personally think that „15 nominations” would be a little bit too much. For this reason, I will only send out five nominations. This is „Mind Vibes”, and we don’t always play by the rules.

The 5 blogs are the following:

  1. My violet world
  2. Jurnalul lui Petit (I don’t know if i can nominate you, but I will still do it, you deserve it)
  3. Concept Liber
  4. I’m not you
  5. Gandeste limpede!

In the end, I wish to thank all my readers and followers. Remember: you are always welcome inside „my Mind” 🙂

Best regards,



6 gânduri despre “„One lovely blog award” Nomination

  1. :))) oh Doamne, împărtășim primele patru secrete (deși, cred că am și eu o pasiune pentru catwoman, dar, presupun, de altă natură =)))) Oare care sunt celelalte două secrete ale tale… să risc să spun, să nu risc :D…
    Felicitări pentru Award, să îl porți cu mândrie :).

    1. Mda, inseamna ca mai sunt si alte persoane „prin preajma”, care imi seamana putin 🙂 Tu ai o „pasiune” pentru Catwoman, in schimb eu am o „fantezie”…acolo este diferenta 😀
      Probabil voi dezvalui si celelalte 2 secrete…mai vedem..oricum o voi face tot in cadrul acestui articol.
      Multumesc pentru aprecieri! 🙂

    1. Sincer, nici nu m-am informat despre premii sau alte recompense 🙂 Nominalizarea in sine, a fost destul pentru mine. Daca voi castiga ceva in plus, then someone will let me know 😀

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